June 9, 2014


Michael Jackson Estate Plotting Up to "Eight" Posthumous Releases

Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images
Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images

Good news for Michael Jackson fans left wanting more after his latest posthumous release Xscape

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, it's revealed that the Michael Jackson estate is plotting up to eight albums as they still have a wealth of material in their vaults. "We got more surprises coming," said Xscape producer Rodney Jerkins.

While there's no specific timetable laid out for when we might hear something new, it's estimated that there's up to 30 unheard Jackson vocals out there, with more conservative estimates placing that number in the 10 to 20 range. Still, despite Xscape's lukewarm sales, it's clear that the Jackson brand is determined to carry on whether music fans really want what are essentially leftovers.

Jerkins is optimistic. "I'm sure there are a few more great things out there," he said. "Hopefully we'll all have a chance to hear them."