June 17, 2014


Neon Jungle Review Their Debut U.S. EP 'Trouble' Track-By-Track

If you don't already know British quartet Neon Jungle, think of them as those four badass girls at a party: They look super fun, but you're slightly worried that you're not cool enough to hang out with him. The quartet of Asami Zdrenka, Jess Plummer, Amira McCarthy and Shereen Cutkelvin debuted with the high-octane single "Trouble" in the UK last summer and secured two Top 10 singles across the pond.

The raucous single has begun to make its mark stateside: It became a Top 20 hit on Billboard's Dance/ Electronic Songs chart after the girls performed it at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December, which also featured Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy. Six months later, the girls are dropping their debut U.S. EP of the same name.

People describe us as four solo artists that continuously collaborate

The quartet struggle to collectively label themselves, instead focusing on the aspects that make them different from other girl groups. "We're not contrived," says eldest member Jess. "We're not your typical girl band where we do dance routines. People describe us as four solo artists that continuously collaborate with each other all the time... We're all so so different. We probably get along so well because there's no clash. If we were on X Factor or something like that, they wouldn't think to put us together because we're all so different."

And while they emphasize that their individual music tastes vary, they do agree on the acts that collectively inspire Neon Jungle: The 1975DrakeMiguelBruno Mars and Rihanna; "We think she's amazing," they add.

As a girl group with major potential to break stateside, we wanted to get to know Neon Jungle better and had Jess, Asami, Amira and Shereen review their new EP and explain why each track is special. From the club banger "Braveheart" to a Banks cover, check it all out below.

1. Trouble

"Everyone says it's really catchy, that you can't get it out of your head, so that's always a good thing. It is a good introductory [song for us]: It's catchy, it gets in your head. It's two and a half minutes long so it doesn't drag out too much. It's just fun."

About their VS Fashion Show performance: "Everyone has loved it! It was such a shock, we only found out we were doing it a few days before we got on the plane and did it!"

2. Braveheart

"It's almost like there's three songs in one. There's a lot of different layers to it. It's very high-energy, there's a heavy beat and bass line. You hear it and immediately you just get up and move. A lot of people say it's their favorite song to listen to in the gym because it just really pushes them to go for it. 

"While 'Trouble' is a little more pre-club, getting ready, getting yourself packed-up sort of thing, 'Braveheart' is maybe for a slightly older audience. It's a little more clubby."

3. Welcome to the Jungle

"It's a bit more laid back than 'Braveheart' and 'Trouble,' but it's still got that energy, that [sings hook] 'Welcome to the jungle.' It's a bit more urban, it's just like everyone coming together and it's the track that says, 'Welcome to Neon Jungle. Welcome to us.'"

4. Waiting Game (Banks Cover)

"It's a lovely song. We all have a collective love [for it]. I think it's nice to be on the EP because it's quite different than the original song."

Neon Jungle's EP Trouble was released stateside today on iTunes and the girls' upcoming full-length album, Welcome to the Jungle, is out next month in the UK.