June 27, 2014


Pearl Jam Covered "Let It Go" for Eddie Vedder's 5-Year-Old Daughter

UPDATE: We now know why Pearl Jam covered the Frozen hit "Let It Go" on stage last week, thanks to Eddie Vedder's friend (and famous cartoonist) Tom Tomorrow: “So that clip of Pearl Jam doing the song from Frozen? That was a request—from Eddie Vedder’s five-year-old daughter. Just got off the phone with Ed and he told me I should tweet that. He also wants everyone to know that his daughter sings it better."

6/22 Post: Frozen continues to infiltrate the minds and pilfer the eardrums of anyone who comes within a mile of a speaker blasting "Let It Go," and Pearl Jam are the latest to succumb to its catchy-as-hell charm.

The grunge gods worked a phrase or two from the award-winning, chart-topping Disney hit smash into one of the greatest hits of their catalog, "Daughter," at a show in Milan this weekend. (Vedder's got two young daughters, so it's safe to assume he's had to sit through approximately nine zillion screenings of the movie.) It's no Game of Thrones-style mash-up, but Vedder shredding his vocal chords a la Elsa is worth hitting "play" for.