June 29, 2014


Prince And Apollonia Revisit 'Purple Rain' With A Private Show

It's been 30 years since the release of the soundtrack of Purple Rain, and Apollonia, Prince's co-star in the cult classic, has never been to visit his own Paisley Park in Minneapolis. That changed last night, and to celebrate, Prince broke out the big guns with a private show for his onscreen love at 3am. (3am!) He's released a 10-minute clip of the audio from the concert, which includes an intense rendition of "She's Always In My Hair."

The 30th anniversary of Purple Rain's release in theaters is coming up on July 27, so who knows--maybe we'll get an impromptu screening with Prince to go with our new deluxe editions of the soundtrack, too. He's in the mood to celebrate, and with new music, the return of old friends and the revisiting of one of his strongest works yet three decades later all in the mix, we can't blame him.