June 17, 2014


Combatant Profile: Daylyt Eclipses the Competition

Shady Films / watchLOUD.com
Shady Films / watchLOUD.com

“Rap is a complete joke, so I have no intentions of being serious at this level of hip-hop. It’s over for serious hip-hop. The entire hip-hop scene is a walking gimmick. Gimmicks got me to the top, not skill level.”

Have you ever heard of a battle rapper whipping out his dick onstage? How about a battle rapper who gets butt naked or chokes out an onlooker? Sound strange? Well, meet Daylyt.

The Watts, California rapper has never shied away from pulling stunts—he inked a Spawn tattoo on his face to follow in the comic book character’s footsteps, has scratched his testicles and wiped his hand on Loe Pesci’s face, and even dressed up as a superhero on multiple occasions.

In fact, Daylyt has told interviewers that he wants “to be a gimmick rapper.” After his indecent exposure during the 40 B.A.R.R.S. battle, he claimed that he’d “never not do an antic again.” So it makes sense then that earlier this year, he showed up to Queen Of The Ring, a battle league usually reserved for women. Purists don’t respect it, all the tomfoolery eventually comes off as corny to those that take the craft of battle rap seriously, but to Daylyt, it’s only gotten him more attention.

I'm willing to do what nobody has ever done before.


Case in point, the battle of the sexes. B.A.R.R.S. had homefield advantage, and Daylyt threw in antics for every round: first he got in her face while wearing a ski mask, and then he read select passages from the bible to put women in their place. But it was his third round that sufficiently shocked the crowd, leading many to leave the venue.

After two rounds, B.A.R.R.S. gave him a hug during her final round and then spit a line about “condoning gay shit,” in reference to her opponent’s past lewd acts. That apparently triggered the stunning rebuttal by Daylyt: he turns to the crowd and says if ten girls raise their hand, he’ll show the crowd his dick. Whether ten hands went up or not, Daylyt quickly jumped up on the top rope of the ring, loosening his pants and appeared to flash the crowd.

For a minute or two, it’s hectic. People float towards the exit after the screams subside, but the arena never really quiets down once his gracious presentation is over. Whoever was winning the battle up to that point became instantly irrelevant in the shadow of the stunt. Daylyt knows how to become the main attraction.

And the Crip member who claims he once let Kendrick Lamar off easy says he’s got more where that came from. “One of my gimmicks on ["Road To Total Slaughter"], you know how people tell you to bring out the fireworks? Well, I actually had a jacket that had fireworks all over it. Everybody knows I have a bag of antics.

“I am creating history in battle rap,” he continues. “I’m willing to do what nobody has ever done before. I have to be different. Know that my madness has not stopped. There are still more ‘what the f**k, Daylyt’ moments to come.”

Will you be watching when he pulls his next prank?

– Text by Max Weinstein, originally posted at WatchLOUD.com