June 23, 2014


Robin Thicke's "Get Her Back" Video Reveals Breakup Text Messages

After scoring the biggest hit of his career with the inescapable "Blurred Lines," Robin Thicke suffered the greatest loss of his personal life when his partner of 20 years Paula Patton separated from him.

Since then, his every musical move has been an attempt to woo her back, from naming his new album Paula (FYI, he's not talking about Deen) to making "Get Her Back" the lead single. Now that lovely, pleading ballad has a music video and it features a deluge of breakup text messages inspired by (or perhaps directly taken from) their real-life split.

While a shirtless Thicke sings sensually into the camera a la D'Angelo, back-and-forth text messages of a crumbling relationship pop up on screen.

For example, we see, "You drink too much" and "You embarrassed me." Although we don’t know who sent which messages, it's a pretty fair guess the latter is from Paula to Robin, perhaps in reference to the twerk heard around the world.

The harshest one pertains to Thicke's upcoming album, where he texts, "I wrote a whole album about you" and she simply responds, "I don't care." Hard to be more direct than that!

Watch the highly personal clip above.