June 26, 2014


Sevyn Streeter Kicks Out a Faithless Lover in "B.A.N.S." Video

Another video from Sevyn Streeter's underrated Call Me Crazy, But… EP is here, and it opens with a scenario pretty much no one wants to find themselves in.

"You got the side chick pregnant?!" Streeter incredulously asks her boyfriend—played by actor-singer Mack Wilds—at the beginning of the "B.A.N.S." video. "This cannot be my life."

In the song, Streeter reveals the details of their abusive relationship and how she fell for him: "I should've used protection instead of moving so fast / But I'm a sucker for affection, should've never showed you that."

The song is an affecting, gorgeous ballad that's mournful without sacrificing strength—you can tell she's going to come out on top, especially with a little help from her friends, played by video vixens Sasha DelValle and Lore'l, and The Breakfast Club host Angela Yee.

Watch the video above (and marvel at the lovely white coat she's wearing.) To hear Streeter talk about co-writing with Chris Brown and what he taught her, check out our interview with her here.