June 18, 2014


Sia Asks Fans To Assault Her Dry Cleaners With Bad Yelp Reviews

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sia has beef with her dry cleaner.

As Gothamist pointed out, yesterday the reclusive pop singer took to Twitter and complained that her dry cleaners ruined some of her clothes and "won't take responsibility." And hey—those who have ever used a dry cleaner can probably relate. 

Sia asked her fans for "pranks" to get back at them, and settled on one: Ruin the cleaner's online Yelp reputation with bad reviews:

Of course, this set off a frenzy of random people dropping "reviews" on the Metropolitan Garment Cleaning page, but other Yelp'ers came to their defense, essentially calling out Sia for using her celebrity to destroy a small business.

"I don't know what transpired between this business and Sia, but to use your celebrity to possibly ruin a local small business is a totally bad idea, especially when you're messing with the livelihood of the employees," wrote one user. Another was more scathing: "Apparently Sia has mistaken the real world for the set of Mean Girls, and adulthood for high school. If you are well past your high school days, it is time to grow up."

Thankfully, though, Sia the Great has moved on: 

Maybe Sia's "Chandelier" dance collaborator Lena Dunham can recommend a dry cleaning business in New York that caters to the celebrity set.