June 18, 2014


T.I. Tells Azealia Banks He Will "End Her" During Feud

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Update 6/18: TMZ caught up with T.I. last night and he responded to the feud on camera with some choice words: "I'll chew your throat off your neck if I need to," he said. "I have an oath to honor and respect of my family. Anyone that violate that, I'm going."

T.I. and Azealia Banks are at it again

Yesterday, the rapper dropped a new song called "No Mediocre" that featured the other Azealia, as in Iggy Azalea. Banks tweeted (and since deleted) "U want no mediocre have you seen your wife?"

T.I. responded via Instagram, calling her a "gremlin-baby" and promising "I will end you" if she speaks ill of his wife, Tiny, again. 

Banks, of course, responded with a succession of rapid-fire tweets that brought up T.I.'s past jail time and accused his wife of being illiterate. The Harlem rapper vaguely apologized, saying, "Yea i shouldn't of said it, BUT SO WHAT, IT WAS FUNNY, really had to take it to threats?" You can read the whole thing here

Curious about the song that started it all? Check it out below: