June 11, 2014


Watch Vanessa Bayer's Hilariously Awkward Interview With Drake

In the grand tradition of Zach Galifianakis' Between Two Ferns, Saturday Night Live all-star Vanessa Bayer recently sat down none other than Drizzy Drake for a hysterically awkward interview. It's safe to say Drake had an easier time listening to strangers tell him he sucks on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

Bayer—playing the role of ridiculously out-of-touch media coach Janessa Slater—tells Aubrey "Drake" Graham his rap name isn't street enough and urges him to change it to something more "hip-hop" like "Graham Cracka" or "Drake Time."

"You know what time it is, it's Drake time!" Bayer exclaims. "Everybody get ready to Drake-dance to this Drake beat. Money money money!"

Bayer also wants Drizzy to join J-Date so he can meet some nice Jewish singles, to which he replies, "I'm more of a private person, and I don't really have trouble meeting girls." 

Watch the season 2 premiere of Bayer's hysterical web series Sound Advice above and check out Drake confronting his critics in disguise on Jimmy Kimmel Live! right here.