August 13, 2014


Who's Dominating 2014's Festival Season?

Getty Images, 3
Getty Images, 3

When you head to a music festival—be it CoachellaBonnarooSouth By SouthwestLollapalooza or any other major music gathering—you're catching your favorite acts at their most turned-up. The crowds are bigger, the stages are grander and you could light up a whole city skyline with the energy collected from both the performer and the dancing fans before them in any given situation.

2014's festival season has given us plenty of gems already, and it's not even done yet! Here's a look at the artists who are working music festivals for all their worth and totally dominating the festival circuit in 2014, from hip hop greats to indie goddesses to rock icons in the making. Who's having the best festival season ever? Check out our nominations, then cast your vote at the end!

#1Kanye West

Notable 2014 Festival Appearances: Bonnaroo, Wireless, Outside Lands, Made In America (LA)

Why We Loved His Set: Kanye gave the Yeezus tour a festival-ready makeover, taking the seriously intense stage show out of the arena and re-working it for performing outdoors. Everything about the Yeezus tour that was great remained: the intensity, the caliber of the performance, the ranting and raving, etc. To see a hugely successful stage production that redefined expectations for the super concert expertly change things up for the festival set was impressive. Plus it gave us the opportunity to legitimately lose our minds in a crowd of thousands during "Blood On The Leaves," "Through The Wire" and every other Kanye hit.

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