September 22, 2015


9 Must-Read 5 Seconds of Summer Fan Fiction Stories

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It comes with the territory. When you're a heartthrob, teens come out of the woodwork for you, expressing their fandom in new, weird and borderline-creepy ways. It happened to One Direction, and now it's happening to Aussie teen hunks 5 Seconds of Summer. Just don't call them a boy band!

MichaelAshtonCalum and Luke have been getting the fan fiction treatment a lot recently, mostly penned by teen girl fans who find their swoon-worthy charm unavoidable.

There's sex, violence and... vampires? Check out excerpts from 9 Must-Read 5 Seconds of Summer Fan Fiction Stories. Also, test your knowledge of the band and make sure to find out what member of 5SOS you most identify with!

#1Remembering to Forget...As Luke Hemmings
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