July 18, 2014


Andrew McMahon Debuts New Solo Project, Streams Single "Cecilia and the Satellite"

Scott Legato / Getty Images
Scott Legato / Getty Images

Andrew McMahon has never been the type of songwriter to rest on his laurels. After releasing three full-lengths as the primary songwriter in Something Corporate–and notching a top 30-charting Billboard album in the process–he upped the ante with Jack's Mannequin, where he saw two of his three LP releases chart in the top 10. Finally, his debut solo EP, The Pop Underground, came out last year. 

Now McMahon has announced another new project under another new name: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. The debut album will be out this fall. It has yet to be titled, but you can stream the first official single, "Cecilia and the Satellite," below. 

Written for (and named after) his five-month-old daughter, McMahon's latest effort finds him expanding on the friendly pop sound he explored on The Pop Underground. "Cecilia" is a highly produced track, but McMahon's warm high notes and piano instrumentation make it feel familiar for long-time fans.

The way the rhythmic drums kick in a little after the one-minute mark, we can't help but draw a comparison to fun.'s "Some Nights." Which raises the question: Could McMahon be on track to find his most meaningful mainstream success so far? He definitely has the pipes for it–as he belts out "I'm the satellite / and you're the sky," there's no denying that–and he has the experience to know exactly what he's doing. 

Fun. frontman Nate Ruess had a band called The Format before his new project provided a breakthrough for him, and if McMahon keeps delivering tunes as catchy as "Cecilia," he may very well be on the same trajectory.