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13 K-Pop Videos With the Most Eye-Popping Choreography

Popular acts like EXO, Taeyang, KARA and more have us hitting the replay button to try to learn these must-see dance moves

Earlier this year, YouTube reported that viewership of Korean pop videos had grown from 700 million in 2010 to more than 5.5 billion in the last year. Undoubtedly, the K-pop scene's dedication to top-notch choreography helped drive up views with nearly every vid, including at least one move that makes you hit the replay button.

But which K-pop vids boast the most eye-popping, mind-blowing choreography? We discussed and settled on 13 that made us want to head to the dance studio right away. From EXO and 2PM moving their many members totally in sync to solo stars like Taeyang and Kahi leading entire dance troupes, here are the must-see moves of K-pop.

Click on for our picks, and let your voice be heard by voting on your favorite at the end. Hit us up in the comments if you've got one we missed.

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EXO, "Growl"

Getting 12 guys to dance perfectly in sync for a video is an accomplishment in and of itself. But how about when you get 12 guys to dance perfectly in sync for a video in just one take? Breakout boy band EXO did that, and that's the reason behind this video bringing in more than 41 million views.

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Taeyang, "Ringa Linga"

Before the official music video for his 2013 single "Ringa Linga," BIGBANG's singer/rapper Taeyang teased fans with this dance-only version. In a vid that must have taken tons of planning, Tae and his troupe of male dancers wiggle, pump and jump their way from a garage to a parking lot to a hallway to a dance studio. It's so good that we're not surprised it has two million more views than the actual video.

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2PM, "Again & Again"

"Again & Again" propelled the boy band into superstardom and its choreography stands out as some of the most memorable to hit a K-pop video. With a simple set that allowed the viewer to focus on the moves, the septet nailed maneuvers like hiding behind former leader Jay Park and sprouting out from behind him a second later. (Seriously, six full-grown dudes!) Watch 'til the very end for an intense dance breakdown complete with backflips, the guys jumping through each others' arms and multiple flips over one another.

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Crayon Pop, "Uh-ee"

Lady Gaga's touring partner Crayon Pop blew our minds with this non-stop, high-energy routine that was equal parts legit choreography and sillylicious dance moves.

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After School, "First Love"

Sexy girl group After School managed to make pole dancing skills legitimately enviable with a routine they describe as "pole art." They went above and beyond usual choreography with dance moves to coincide with their pole twirling, sliding and climbing. We can't imagine how strong their stomach muscles must be ...

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SHINee, "Everybody"

Watch as this charming boy band moves from laying on the ground to full-blown twirling, jumping and lifting each other within the first 45 seconds. The only time it looks like the boys can actually take a breather is when acting out slow-motion running sequences ... which probably requires more concentration than going normal speed. 

Definitely watch at the 3:30 mark when the guys huddle around member Taemin to simulate what looks like driving a human airplane.

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Kahi, "It's Me"

K-pop diva Kahi is like South Korea's equivalent to Ciara with her oh-so-slick footwork, tight abs and a style that's feminine, but earns respect from the boys. Girl can even moonwalk just like CiCi. 

Her 2013 video for "It's Me" hit all the right moves as she led a dance troupe in strappy heels. Not easy.

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BEAST, "Fiction"

Somehow, this sextet made foot-shuffling into a super-slick group choreography. We dig and wish we could look this coordinated when we drag our feet out of bed in the morning.

9 / 14


These girls were a domestic sensation with this vid's signature "butt dance." It'll make you think twice next time you wear suspenders or strap a cap to your belt buckle.

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Infinite, "BTD"

If you don't plan on watching all of the group's precise, in-sync moves, then make sure you watch from the 2:50 mark. These seven boys go from laying on the ground to collectively kicking their legs and rising in a circle together at the exact same time. Exact. Same. Time. How'd they do that?!? They call it "the scorpion dance."

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T-ara, "Sexy Love"

Eye-popping ... and creepy. This girl group managed to make themselves look and move like living dolls with robot-like movements and circus garb. Watch from the 1:30 mark to catch the eerie-yet-impressive choreography on the instrumental hook.

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Sistar19, "Gone Not Around Any Longer"

We usually don't think about slow jams utilizing eye-popping choreography, but this duo act turned sensual hip swings and table grinding into a group dance-a-thon. Watch at 0:37 to catch these gals lead a slew of blindfolded women through a group-grinding session. Is there a class we can take for this?

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TVXQ!, "Catch Me"

Last but not least, K-pop veterans TVXQ! What's always incredible about this act is how the guys have learned to completely own the stage even while promoting as just a duo. In "Catch Me," the pair work with backup dancers to craft gravity-defying leans, quick jumps from ground to floor and splash through a water-infused video set. 

Don't miss the super-cool move at 3:25 where the troupe connects arms to make it look like member Changmin has Hulk-like muscles. You got to watch to understand.

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Whose K-Pop Moves Are The Most Poppin'?

If your favorite didn't make the list, leave the video in the comments!


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