July 30, 2014


13 K-Pop Videos With the Most Eye-Popping Choreography

Earlier this year, YouTube reported that viewership of Korean pop videos had grown from 700 million in 2010 to more than 5.5 billion in the last year. Undoubtedly, the K-pop scene's dedication to top-notch choreography helped drive up views with nearly every vid, including at least one move that makes you hit the replay button.

But which K-pop vids boast the most eye-popping, mind-blowing choreography? We discussed and settled on 13 that made us want to head to the dance studio right away. From EXO and 2PM moving their many members totally in sync to solo stars like Taeyang and Kahi leading entire dance troupes, here are the must-see moves of K-pop.

Click on for our picks, and let your voice be heard by voting on your favorite at the end. Hit us up in the comments if you've got one we missed.

#1EXO, "Growl"

Getting 12 guys to dance perfectly in sync for a video is an accomplishment in and of itself. But how about when you get 12 guys to dance perfectly in sync for a video in just one take? Breakout boy band EXO did that, and that's the reason behind this video bringing in more than 41 million views.

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