July 14, 2014


Listen to Brandy's Captivating Cover of Coldplay's "Magic"

Helen Boast/Redferns via Getty Images
Helen Boast/Redferns via Getty Images

Now that Coldplay has consciously uncoupled with the dreary break-up vibes surrounding Ghost Stories and its lovelorn singles, Brandy has tried her hand at covering the British rockers, and the result makes for a totally rejuvenating listen.

Brandy tapped brother Ray J to craft a slow-burning R&B take on "Magic," complete with a steady, percussive heartbeat, warm synths, the uplifting echo of a piano and some jazzy guitar lines. Brandy's making a comeback—"change" has been the name of the game all over her social media accounts—and it's great to see an inventive spin on a modern hit to get the ball rolling for her new music. She's been a Coldplay fan for years, too: she even sampled "Clocks" on "Should I Go" off her 2004 album, Afrodisiac.

Brandy isn't the first to give "Magic" a go: Rita Ora recently worked "Magic" and "Drunk in Love" into a perfect hybrid at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, though her version was way more mellow when compared with the rhythmic build of Brandy's cover.

Give both a listen, and cross your fingers that we get some star-studded cameos at upcoming Coldplay shows! Brandy or Rita onstage with Martin and Company would make for a memorable live moment to be sure, and clearly "Magic" continues to strike a chord with fans (both famous and not).