July 31, 2014


Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie Has The Hots For Ryan Gosling, Bashes Westboro

Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images
Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images

Panic! At the Disco frontman Brendon Urie is something of a queer icon these days, brilliantly trolling the Westboro Baptist Church protest of their Kansas City show. The band offered to donate $20 to the pro-gay marriage Human Rights Campaign for every WBC member that showed up. So, yeah, the church's bigotry backfired. 

Recently Urie has opened up about his bisexuality, causing the church to label him a "fag pimp." In an interview with PrideSource, the singer discusses the Kansas City incident and says it reaffirmed his dedication to the causes he believes in.

"It shows me a world that I am blind to all the time," he told PrideSource. "Living in L.A., everybody's open to everything, which is awesome, so I'm kind of living in a paradise of open-mindedness all the time. You go out on the road and visit different cities and you see that that's not how it is everywhere; there are smaller, concentrated groups of people who love to hate. It makes me wanna fight harder for the things I believe in."

His affinity for attractive men came up, too. "God, I just honestly find some dudes straight up attractive... Ryan Gosling," the singer told the publication. "And I'm into old school too. I used to watch movies and be like, 'That's a good looking dude.' I can just appreciate when a dude is attractive. Paul Newman is just a good looking dude. I mean, Cool Hand Luke!"

But what is it about Gosling that makes the mega hunk so irresistible? "The attitude. When I was trying to have sex with all these girls in high school, I would watch The Notebook just to be like, 'All right, let's watch this movie ... so we can have sex. So we can make out during this entire movie!' In Crazy, Stupid, Love when he ripped his shirt off I was like, 'That dude is ripped.' I want the Ken body! If only I could get his body on my body..."

We feel ya! Check out the rest of the interview here.