July 15, 2014


The Complete Guide to 5 Seconds of Summer's Debut Album

The Buildup

5 Seconds of Summer have traveled the world on tour, and they'll head out for a run of dates in the U.S. with fellow boy banders One Direction later this summer. They've released a series of EPs that have charted internationally and in the States; their social media presence perfectly reflects their sense of humor. Their debut full-length has been a long time coming and it's finally here. Fingers crossed it supplants "She Looks So Perfect" as the song of the summer. 

The Music

First and foremost, 5SOS are a pop-punk band. They're basically All Time Low but more attractive, with the charm of Blink-182 with the good looks of *NSYNC. Their sound veers from straight-forward power pop ballads into the kind of heartfelt crooning you've come to expect from 1D. 

The Singles

"She Looks So Perfect" was the band's first single from the upcoming record, one that peaked at No. 1 on the Australian Singles, New Zealand Singles, Irish Singles and the UK Singles charts. The track hit No. 24 on the Billboard 100 and eventually was certified double platinum in Australia. In May, the boys released their second single, "Don't Stop," and in June, "Amnesia."


Niall Horan: The One Direction heartthrob discovered 5SOS and helped write the first single, "She Looks So Perfect." No wonder it is so perfect!

Benji & Joel Madden: The Good Charlotte brothers penned the band's slow album closer, "Amnesia." 

Alex Gaskarth: The All Time Low frontman co-wrote a handful of tracks on the Aussies' self-titled debut, including "Kiss Me Kiss Me," "End Up Here," and "Long Way Home." Power chord central.

Seton Daunt: His name might not look familiar to you now, but it will soon! Daunt is the lead guitarist for the English rock band Fiction Plane, and he helped pen "18."

Christian Lo Russo & Joel Chapman: These are the men of Amy Meredith, an Australian pop-punk band. They co-wrote "Beside You," which is in the same vein of their own music. Cool stuff!

What to Expect

While the record is already out in some countries (Australia, why are you so lucky?), those stateside who have yet to hear the record can expect more "She Looks So Perfect"-level bangers. That's not to say there aren't ballads. (We've learned that from the Madden Brothers-penned "Amnesia.")


  1. She Looks So Perfect
  2. Don't Stop
  3. Good Girls
  4. Kiss Me Kiss Me
  5. 18
  6. Everything I Don't Say
  7. Beside You
  8. End Up Here
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Heartbreak Girl
  11. English Love Affair
  12. Amnesia 

Stay tuned to Fuse for up-to-date info on 5 Seconds of Summer's upcoming release!