July 8, 2014


Florrie Tells "Little White Lies" in Explosive Synth-Pop Single

Florrie's the British model-turned-musician whose brand of lush pop makes her an act to keep an eye on.

The 25-year-old is back with shiny new single "Little White Lies," and it blends a bouncy, synth-pop beat with banging drums—played by Florrie herself. (Oh yeah, did we mention she's a badass drummer, too? See her skills in the accompanying music video above.) 

But "Little White Lies" is more than just a rock-out pop track, with little aural intricacies that take a few listens to catch. Listen up for moments where Florrie's vocals blend with the timbre of the backing synths. You can't tell which is which at certain points. (And good luck keeping up with all the layered melodies on the bridge as well.)

A remix of "Little White Lies" (below) previously appeared on Florrie's EP Sirens from last May, but this new radio-friendly version should push the Bristol native closer to pop superstardom. Look out for a full-length album said to be coming later this year.