July 25, 2014


Check Out Tom DeLonge's Hand-Drawn Flyer For Blink-182's First Show Ever

Listen up, Blink-182 fans! Your god Tom DeLonge has shared some pop-punk gems via instagram. The founding guitar player posted a picture of Blink's first show flyer ever alongside a set list. Both are hand-written, both featuring crude drawings done by DeLonge himself.

The flyer predates the "182" (the band were forced to change their name after being sued by an Irish pop rock band of the same name) and lists the gig at 555 Union Street—the original location of the now famed Soma venue—before it moved in 1994. This show took place the year prior.

The set list features a handful of songs that would never make it on a record and only exist on Flyswatter, the band's first release—a limited edition cassette you'd be a rich man for owning.

Both artifacts are available for purchase. The flyer, seen above, is going for $199 while the set list, below, is $499. Check them out!