July 18, 2014


Fred Durst Is Directing eHarmony Ads

@eHarmony on Twitter
@eHarmony on Twitter

As Limp Bizkit waits to release their first album under Lil Wayne's label, frontman Fred Durst has found a new project to keep the creative juices flowing: directing online dating ads. 

The website eHarmony wanted to produce spots that incorporated humor, as opposed to the brand's previous tactic of focusing on feel-good success stories. Thus a company dedicated to helping couples find fulfilling, committed relationships turned to... the guy who created "Nookie." 

"These particular commercials are more fun than I'm used to seeing from eHarmony campaigns," Durst told AdAge. "But you can relate to them in a way that makes sense on many different levels for many types of people."

It should be noted, the nu-metal singer has previously directed other commercials, not to mention feature films. His first, rather-adorable spot for eHarmony actually stars the company's founder and CEO , Neil Clark Warren (right), playing a grandfather giving advice to young kids wanting to try online dating.

"Everybody thinks that Fred Durst is the most fool-around guy in the world," the 79-year-old exec said. "They couldn't see how the two of us would be put together. But he just talks our language and I feel so comfortable around him."

Watch the chemistry come to life below.