July 14, 2014


Happy Bastille Day! 10 French Artists You Should Know

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Yes, the Amélie soundtrack is beautiful and any vinyl collection boasting an Edith Piaf record is one to be praised, but the up-and-coming talent of France is nothing to scoff at when it comes to making waves in popular music. To celebrate Bastille Day, we've compiled a list of our favorite French bands on the rise, from trashcore to discordant pop to hip-hop. Paris is Burning, and rad beats, catchy hooks and unforgettable choruses are fueling the blaze.


Indie rock is often treated like an exclusively American game, but no one told Anthony Gonzalez. Now based in Los Angeles, the mastermind behind M83 is French. Before the project became a duo, it was just Gonzalez, crafting stripped down ballads of heartbreak and melancholy. Press play above if you're ready to get sad.

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