August 14, 2014


Khloé Kardashian Is in French Montana's New Video & It's Creepy As Hell

UPDATE (8/14): The "Don't Panic" video is here, and, yup, it's definitely as frightening as the sneak peek implied. Watch French Montana's video for "Don't Panic" featuring a masked Khloé Kardashian below.

Original Story: Sometimes, showing your love for your girlfriend involves shotguns and masks straight out of a horror flick. French Montana seems to be headed in a new, dark direction, and he's taking girlfriend Khloé Kardashian with him.

Photos from the upcoming "Don't Panic" video have emerged and they're, well ... creepy as hell! Khloé posted a pic from the video shoot, with her boo holding some weird venus fly trap/gothic rose hybrid bouquet while rocking a Juggalo-worthy white and black mask.

In another shot, the pair are seen in their Halloween makeup, leaning against a car, automatic weaponry in the air. The future of horror rap approaches, and French Montana seems pretty comfortable behind the wheel of it!

@khloekardashian on Instagram
@khloekardashian on Instagram