July 15, 2014


Gwen Stefani: Performing on 'The Voice' "Made Me Want to Do New Music"

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Gwen Stefani is a lot of things—mom, television host, fashion designer, pop icon—but it's her music that made us fall in love with her in the first place, and it looks like she's finally returning to the studio. In an intimate interview with Elle, Gwen spilled all about her future, joining The Voice, and most excitingly, getting back in the music game. Check out some of the highlights below!

On potentially working with Adam Levine:

"I just met Adam and we are talking about collaborating and getting into the next phase. I didn’t know I was going to be doing The Voice. I literally had the baby and then got a call and then suddenly, I was doing it. I didn’t really know what was next. Now, all of a sudden, I am doing The Voice, my son is going into kindergarten, and I am going to be working on some new music. It’s all very exciting."

On her new music:

"As for me, I don’t know what is happening next musically, but I know the way I am going to do it is different. I have already started on it. I feel inspired that I went on The Voice and did "Hollaback Girl," which is such an old song, and it went back on the charts the next day. It made me feel so happy and made me want to do new music.  It made me think that maybe people might want to hear it."

On Pharrell:

"I was freaked out. I know Pharrell as a producer and in a different role. I am a huge fan and when I am around him, I like don’t know how to describe it, my heart sort of flutters a little bit. I have known him for a long time and we have a lot of history together. He is so inspiring, talented, and humble and the list goes on. He is unbelievable really. Over the years, he has gotten even more deep and special because he has matured."