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HyunA's 7 Best Video Moments: From Psy Collaborations to "Bubble Pop!"

The viral K-pop star will probably break YouTube when she unleashes her new "Red" video on Sunday, so take a look back at her videos that have clocked millions of views!

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"Ms. HyunA is back, she's back!"

HyunA, one of K-pop's brightest and most viral stars, is about to return to the scene with new single "Red" on July 28. And based on the teasers (above and below), it's going to be her most eye-popping music video yet. 

Since debuting with girl group 4Minute in 2009, HyunA has helped lead K-pop's international wave, rapping and singing on a slew of hits that's found fans way past South Korea. The 22-year-old's undeniably cute charisma and inherent sex appeal have also kept Internet viewers watching and re-watching on YouTube and beyond. Psy revealed it was her unique personality combo that made her "the best person" for his "Gangnam Style" video, helping it become YouTube's most-watched video ever and the vehicle that drove HyunA to global recognition.

With the arrival of HyunA's new vid just days aways, Fuse takes a look back at the superstar's seven best video moments. From her record-breaking "Ice Cream" music video to shakin' it with her 4Minute gals, these are HyunA's must-see videos.

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"Bubble Pop!" (2011)

With the release of her 2011 summertime single, HyunA became YouTube's newest viral star as the world fell in love with her sexy struts, adorable coos and on-point dance moves. With more than 75 million views, the video for "Bubble Pop!" is one of the most-viewed K-pop videos ever on YouTube.

The video even inspired an L.A. Kiss FM DJ to make an on-air plea for major labels to bring HyunA to the states, calling "Bubble Pop!" the "next wave of pop." Yeah, this video did that.

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"Oppa Is Just My Style" With Psy (2012)

It was the summer of "Gangnam Style" in 2012, and HyunA went above and beyond with her co-starring role by recording her own version of the hit. "Oppa Is Just My Style" was the female response to Psy's smash and gave us yet another reason to do the horsey dance with a new soundtrack.

With her vocals front and center, the world got to hear HyunA's unique rap and singing style as she and Psy traded off verses. With almost half a billion views, it's the third most-viewed K-pop video after Psy's "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman."

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"Ice Cream" (2012)

Rolling off the interest generated by "Gangnam Style," "Ice Cream" solidified HyunA's place in pop as a global sensation. The super-colorful (and rather sexual!) vid showed the singer rocking a slew of dope outfits, rolling around in a room of soap bubbles and seducing a sexy beefcake. Psy even makes a cameo at the beginning!

Within two weeks, "Ice Cream" boasted 20 million views, with an average of 1.7 million a day. That's a watch rate extremely similar to that of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift videos, placing HyunA in a group of top global stars.

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4Minute, "Hot Issue" (2009)

HyunA made her grand debut with 4Minute in their first music video for 2009's "Hot Issue." Only 17 at the time, HyunA opens the video, breaking it down for the camera with her band members joining her later. Clearly eager to prove herself, HyunA's charisma made her an instant K-pop standout from the get-go.

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4Minute, "Volume Up" (2012)

HyunA playing a possessed, rapping vampire in hot pants? This video rules.

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"Trouble Maker" (2011)

In addition to her solo and girl group duties, HyunA teamed up with Hyunseung, a member of popular K-pop boy band Beast, for a duo project called Trouble Maker.

In the vid for their super-catchy self-titled single, HyunA plays a gorgeous vixen who catches a cheating Hyunseung and goes for revenge. We're sure we're not the only ones who think she'd play a badass Bond girl ... or villain for that matter.

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Chum-Churum Soju Commercial (2013)

Alongside K-pop hotties Hyolyn of Sistar and Hara of Kara, HyunA makes a club go wild in a commercial to promote South Korea's liquor of choice—soju. While Hyolyn and Hara look great, we've got to give it up to Ms. HyunA for the best cameo.

But always willing to show her adorable side, watch 'til the end to see her cracking up with the girls and showing off her gorgeous smile.

Do you have a favorite HyunA video moment? Share in the comments below!


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