July 7, 2014


Kanye West Surprised A London Club By Playing 20 New Tracks

Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images
Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images

The crowd at London's Wireless Festival wasn't too receptive to the Yeezus show, but thankfully, Kanye West took the opportunity to redeem himself later that night with a DJ set that previewed 20 tracks of forthcoming material.

In a London nightclub, patrons were subject to Kanye's whims as he hit "play" on a number of new songs, turning the room into an impromptu listening party and one that couldn't be documented by video or photo. That didn't stop those present from totally freaking out about the post-Yeezus tracks, which were described on Twitter as everything from "hard" to "hellish" and "groundshaking" across social media in the hours that followed.

Here's hoping we get more info on a new Kanye release soon. If these songs are "groundshaking" when compared to the dark and addictive beats behind "Black Skinhead" and "New Slaves," we can't wait to get our hands on 'em.