July 28, 2014


Lily Allen's Instagram Prank Goes Horribly Wrong

Mashable via @LilyAllen on Instagram
Mashable via @LilyAllen on Instagram

Everyone does it: You see a police officer, ask him if you could pretend he's arresting you, your friend takes a photo of your handcuff-clad self and you get like 17 Facebook likes for the deed. Awesome. 

Buuut apparently it's a different story when you do the same with nearly five million people watching. While in an Australian airport,  Lily Allen posted a rather convincing photo of herself handcuffed, held to the ground by an officer as two more watched on. She captioned her photo with the hashtag "#uhoh" leading her 4.8 million Twitter followers to wonder if she had been arrested.

According to The Daily Mail Australia, that's a big no-no in the force with the pic leading Aussie police to conduct an internal investigation over the breach of protocol. After the post, the "As Long As I Got You" singer was confronted by the PoPo at a festival Sunday. 

"It appears the members involved were caught in the moment and standard protocol were breached," an Australian Federal Police spokesman told the Daily Mail. "At her request, members involved placed open handcuffs for a photo opportunity ... it is subject to internal processes."

Sheezus has since deleted the photo, but you can see the pic in all its glory above because the Internet never forgets. Let's hope the cops don't get in too much trouble.