July 2, 2014


Madonna Teases New Track "Messiah" From Upcoming Album

Remember the glory of mid-'90s Madonna, the Madonna who made intense music videos involving bullfighter romances and banked on vintage vibes in both her music and her style? Madge may constantly be reinventing herself, but it looks like she's returning to her cinematic tendencies—at least that's the feeling we get from this clip she just posted of a new in-progress track, "Messiah."

Via Instagram, Madonna shared a moment from the recording session for "Messiah," which features the hypnotizing refrains of a gorgeous string arrangement. She's got a small orchestra under her wing here, but even if the violin and cello notes get spliced and diced in mixing or turned into some crazy EDM mutant, this classical shake-up is a welcome one.

Here's hoping we hear "Messiah" in full soon, but in the meantime, get curious over the brief interlude above. And for those of you who can read music, she revealed the sheet music to "Messiah" as well, which you can check out below.

Credit: @madonna on Instagram
Credit: @madonna on Instagram