July 10, 2014


Listen to Mary Lambert's Inspirational "Secrets"

Mary Lambert is back, and she's here to inspire ... again! The "Same Love" singer has shared the song and lyric video for "Secrets," an uplifting, tongue-in-cheek track that celebrates individualism and the power of embracing personal insecurity. 

The song shocks right off the bat: Lambert lightly croons, "I've got bipolar disorder / My sh-t's not in order / I'm overweight / I'm always late," and means it. The rest of the sorta-niceties are just as raw. She flirts with notions of coming from a dysfunctional family, addresses the societal pressure of being queer—homegirl even admits to being afraid of the dark, the dentist and loving her butt!

In fact, the entire chorus is uplifting: "I know I'm not the only one who spent so much time attempting to be someone else / well I'm over it." We are, too, so sing it, Mary.

The single is the first from her upcoming solo album, Heart On My Sleeve, due out October 14. Listen to the tune above!