August 19, 2014


Nick Carter & Jordan Knight Play Sexy Photographers in "One More Time" Video

UPDATE (8/19): After revealing their super-catchy "One More Time" single last month, Nick & Knight have dropped its accompanying visual. Watch above as the boy band members play ultra-desirable cameramen that get super close with a pair of models—all in the name of getting a good snapshot, of course. Look out for a few slick moves from the guys too, perfect for the single's funky-pop sound.

Original Story (7/15): Loyal boy band fans, this is the single for you! They must've really hit it off while touring together back in 2011 and 2012, because Nick Carter (of Backstreet Boys fame) and Jordan Knight (New Kids On The Block heartthrob) have teamed up for a "sexy" new collaboration, Nick & Knight, which has the two pop princes taking on high notes and sugary hooks in tandem.

The first single has dropped from their musical partnership, and "One More Time" features the infectious chorus you were expecting from these boy band vets—but there's more to it. The "woo hoo"-es, high notes and heavy hand on the percussion give it a rockier edge than the pop they're used to crooning. It almost sounds like "One More Time" was swiped from Adam Levine's secret iPod of demos, right down to the phrasing. 

We're not saying they did that, of course, but "One More Time" definitely embraces the pop/rock line that Maroon 5 walks more than the tracks formerly tread by NKOTB and BSB. We're stoked to watch Nick & Knight take off, and if "One More Time" is any indication, it's that we'll be hearing a lot of sounds we weren't necessarily expecting.