July 23, 2014


Robin Thicke's Film Debut Is Too Ridiculous To Believe

Robin Thicke is following in the footsteps of papa Alan (aka Dr. Seaver). This year the "Blurred Lines" singer made his film debut in Making the Rules, playing the love interest of Jamie Pressley. Does Weird Al ever parody movies?

In the flick, Pressley plays an unhappily married chef who is enticed into an affair with none other than Thicke, who plays her former lover, Shaun, a successful Silver Lake hair stylist. There's no shortage of painfully awkward scenes here: margaritas are made sexual, longing looks are exchanged, smiles straight out of "Blurred Lines" are delivered throughout bouts of painfully awkward dialogue. We can't fault the guy for trying, but seriously, did anyone else think this was an elaborate made-for-meme sketch? Click Vulture's exceptional Making The Rules highlight reel above.