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While you might be bragging to your friends about winning three games of bags at your uncle's annual 4th of July BBQ this holiday, Taylor Swift was having a better time than you and doing it with more beautiful people. 

Over the weekend, the "Sweeter Than Fiction" singer kept her Instagram followers entertained with a handful of glamorous shots detailing her celeb-filled holiday extravaganzas. Tay chilled with Ingrid Michaelson, actresses Lena Dunham, Emma Stone, Jessica Szohr and Odeya Rush, plus models Jaime King and Jessica Stam and a gaggle of other gorgeous people.

Together the beautiful bunch lounged on boats, played with fireworks, swam on pool floaties, baked apple piesraced down Slip 'N Slidesfrolicked in the ocean and snapped sunny selfies all in the name of our great country.

Scroll down for more shots from the holiday festivities along with a hilarious, slow-motion video of Taylor jumping into a pool while riding a humongous, inflatable turtle. Celebs, they're just like us...?

@jaime_king on Instagram

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