July 10, 2014


Tiny Moving Parts Blend Math Rock and Worrying on "Always Focused"

Kyle Dean Reinford
Kyle Dean Reinford

Overthinking everything and constantly worrying are two mindsets where young people spend a lot of time residing. Tiny Moving Parts vocalist/guitarist Dylan Matthiesen—who turns 23 this year—is no different. 

On the band's new single, "Always Focused," which you can stream below, Matthiesen worries a lot. He yelps "I'll never give up on my inner battles / They keep me company," over a math-y, noodling guitar riff that's complemented by an explosive rhythm section. The track comes from Tiny Moving Parts' sophomore effort, Pleasant Living, which drops on Sept. 9 via Triple Crown. 

Tiny Moving Parts were newcomers last year with their debut LP This Couch Is Long and Full of Friendship, but took the surprising success of that album and turned it into non-stop touring. Matthieson is joined in the band by his cousins Billy and Matt Chevalier, and the trio would rather be no place else than out on the road. Given that they're from a small farming town you've never heard of called Benson, MN, you probably can't blame them. 

Matthiesen claims he "find[s] a sort of pleasure in the process" of overthinking—and at the very least, we're finding pleasure in the process of getting to know Tiny Moving Parts a little better. Pleasant Living is available for preorder here