August 27, 2014


Amy Lee Goes Grimy Electronic on Solo Track "Push the Button"

Everyone knows how good Amy Lee sounds on Evanescence's nu-metal albums. But did you ever expect her to pop up on a dance track? The new mommy has revealed "Push the Button," which finds the singer-songwriter diving into grimy electronica and achieving fantastic, somewhat-haunting results.

Grinding synths, moans and ghost-like "woos" open the track, and Lee sounds like a natural disco diva breathily chanting over the dance beat. With more than half the track taken up by instrumental and/or Lee's ghostly wails, it's easy to get lost in this gorgeous affair.

"Push the Button" appears on Aftermath, the soundtrack to the 2014 movie War Story, which is about an international photographer travelling to Europe after being held hostage in Africa. Lee recorded the film's score with composer Dave Eggar. The accompanying soundtrack drops this week.

"I wanted it to be completely different," Lee told Rolling Stone of the soundtrack. "I didn't want it to be like Evanescence just because I've flexed that muscle so much ... It's one of my first chances to show another side, and this definitely plays with a lot of the same emotions I played with in Evanescence, but instrumentally it's not trying to be mainstream."

If experimenting brings results this good, we hope Amy finds even more chances to display additional sides of herself in the future. Listen above.