August 28, 2014


New Music, New Movies, Hip Hop Retirement: What's Next For Andre 3000?

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Now that OutKast have plowed through a ton of headlining festival gigs on their lauded reunion tour, the question on everyone's mind is also on Andre 3000's: what's next?

For the harmonic half of the ATLien duo, the next few months involve movie promotion, hanging out at home with his son, Seven, and more. The Jimi Hendrix biopic Andre's starring in, Jimi: All Is By My Side, will see a wide release in September, and Seven has been living with him in Atlanta for the past two years. These are just two of the subjects the New York Times touched on in one of the most revealing interviews Andre's done in years, though one statement in particular stood out above the rest: Andre doesn't want to be an old guy in hip hop, and he may be aging out of the genre.

"I remember, at like 25, saying, 'I don’t want to be a 40-year-old rapper.' I’m 39 now, and I’m still standing by that," he tells the NYT. "I'm such a fan that I don’t want to infiltrate it with old blood."

When his guest verses on various tracks (including ones with Drake, T.I. and Lil Wayne) come up in the conversation, he says his involvement is less about the music and more about not letting his cohorts down: "I struggle with the verses. I don’t sit around and write raps, I just don’t. Now the only time I’m really inspired to write raps is if an artist that I enjoy invites me to their party. So if Future calls and says, 'Hey man, I want you to do this,' I don’t want to let Future down. I don’t want to let Lil Wayne or Drake down, because I love them ... My son, he’s 16. Him and his buddies, they’ll be in the car, and I’ll say, 'Hey, what do you think about this verse?' That’s my gauge at this point. I don’t have the pulse. Part of art is knowing when not to put paint on. And when to change your medium."

Still, new music from Andre 3000 may show up in the not-so-distant future: "It’s hard to say. [Laughs.] I’m just going to call it honest. I know this may sound morbid, but I was like, if I were to die today, I have all these half-songs on my hard drive, and I don’t want that." Here's hoping that means an album will eventually materialize, because we're not sure if we're ready for Andre Three Stacks to get out of the game just yet!

OutKast will be wrapping up their reunion tour on Halloween at the Voodoo Music Experience, and will hit ACL Fest, Treasure Island and more in the weeks preceding.