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Ranked: Every Ariana Grande Collaboration (So Far)

We went through every one of the pop princess' collabos, from her earliest songs to her latest touching duet "Better Days" with longtime collaborator Victoria Monet. Which is No. 1?

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It's no secret Ariana Grande loves a good collaboration – some of her biggest hits thus far have featured another artists. 

With the release of her latest, touching collaboration "Better Days" alongside longtime collaborator Victoria Monet, we figured what better time to look back at all of Ariana's collaborations?

Find out where your favorite Ariana song landed, and see what the Fuse staff had to say about 'em...

29 / 29

"U R What You Eat" with Matisyahu, Travis Barker, Koool Kojak & Salad Bar

Our Thoughts:

Not really sure what's going on here, but I bet young, earthy, crunchy parents in Brooklyn would definitely play this song for their kids. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

Cute, but... LOL  – Jatnna Nuñez, Photo Editor

28 / 29

"The Way - Spanglish Version" ft. J Balvin

Our Thoughts:

The song is still fantastic, but the Spanish additions feel too random. – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

27 / 29

"Don't Be Gone Too Long" with Chris Brown

Our Thoughts:

"Technically, Grande isn’t featured on the final version of “Don’t Be Gone Too Long,” which underwent a tumultuous development process before winding up on Brown’s X album. Yet the Grande-Brown version of the track is floating around the Web, and its sleek dance poses are worth uncovering." – Jason Lipshutz, Deputy Editor

"Agreed that this is a bit of an unknown gem and it's a shame that Brown's actions ahead of releasing X likely made Team Ariana pull her feature. But the harmonies and melancholy mood created here are, at times, chill-inducing." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

26 / 29

"This Is Not A Feminist Song" With the 'Saturday Night Live' Cast

Our Thoughts:

"Ari wobbles her funny bone once again!" – Emilee Lindner, Senior Editor

"No, not the greatest song, but perfectly suitable for an SNL sketch. And kind of catchy?" – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor 

25 / 29

"Popular Song" with MIKA

Our Thoughts:

A reinterpretation of one of the best songs from 'Wicked'?! Flawless!!! – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

Highlight: Her enunciation is better on this song than it is now. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

=(   – Jatnna Nuñez, Photo Editor

24 / 29

"Research" with Big Sean

Our Thoughts:

"The Ariana-Sean romance was not to last, and “Research,” one of their several collaborations, does not hold up. Grande can more than hold her own against a superstar MC (see: Nicki Minaj’s “Get On Your Knees”), but she sounds shoehorned into Big Sean’s braggadocio showcase here." – Jason Lipshutz, Deputy Editor

"A perfect example of Ariana doing her best Mariah-Carey-singing-the-hook-on-a-rap-song impression." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

23 / 29

"Boys Like You" with Who Is Fancy & Meghan Trainor

Our Thoughts:

"Ahh...the equality anthem that got away. This song was so cool for putting a male artist singing about chasing boys alongside two female artists and acting like it wasn't no thang. The song was radio friendly enough, though it could have been a little punchier to really make radio embrace it. The fact that several of us ranked it rather low might be telling of how great the actual song was, despite its awesome message." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

22 / 29

"Hands On Me" ft. A$AP Ferg

Our Thoughts:

I feel like this is her "Dirrty" moment. Ariana is Christina and Ferg is Redman. Could you imagine if Ariana kicked off the My Everything era with this song instead of "Problem"?! – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

21 / 29

"Over and Over Again" with Nathan Sykes

Our Thoughts:

"The standout voice of The Wanted, Sykes has been trying to forge a solo career for the past three years, and “Over and Over Again” is a solid indication of his eventual success. Grande lets her counterpart shine on the front half of the track, and then joins in to deliver one of her more measured performances." – Jason Lipshutz, Deputy Editor

20 / 29

"Santa Baby" ft. Liz Gillies

Our Thoughts:

It's not bad, but was it necessary? Hard to hate on Christmas music, tho. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

Ariana joins pop divas before her and coos her way through a holiday classic. Her Victorious co-star Liz Gillies isn't famous for her singing, but sounds wonderful. The best part is that these two aren't trying to out-diva each other, but work together for a sweet-yet-sultry Christmas tune. – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

19 / 29

"Everyday" ft. Future

Our Thoughts:

"I absolutely love when Ari plays up her cheeky coquette persona, and this track will have every woman yearning for a man who can give them 'that good shit' all day every day." – Bianca Gracie, Associate Writer

18 / 29

"Break Free" ft. Zedd

Our Thoughts:

"Break Free" might sit second chair to "Problem" in the hearts and minds of Ariana Grande fans everywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a total hit. With assistance from Zedd, baby Mariah has crafted an irresistibly anthemic dancehall jam, one that will reassure all you single ladies out there that you're better off without that ex... so you might as well dance! – Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

17 / 29

"Leave Me Lonely" ft. Macy Gray

Our Thoughts:

"So sultry and sensual, the song proves that every generation feels the feels of a complicated relationship. Now, let’s get a collab going on Macy’s new LP, shall we?" – Emilee Lindner, Senior Editor

16 / 29

"Right There" ft. Big Sean

Our Thoughts:

A great, Mariah Carey-esque track that sadly gets dampened by a mediocre rap from Big Sean. – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

15 / 29

"Get on Your Knees" with Nicki Minaj

Our Thoughts:

"When I ever need to tell a lover to “beg for it” or “get head like a beautician” I always turn to this little ditty. Thanks, Ariana and Nicki." – Emilee Lindner, Senior Editor

14 / 29

"Be My Baby" ft. Cashmere Cat

Our Thoughts:

I was nervous this album would be all pop, but this song is giving me the R&B vibe I enjoy from Ariana. This definitely evokes feelings of Mariah, in the best way possible. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

13 / 29

"Almost Is Never Enough" ft. Nathan Sykes

Our Thoughts:

As stripped down as we've ever heard her in the studio, this underrated gem spotlights the finger snaps, piano melodies and crisp vocals that truly characterized Ariana's debut album. It's heart-wrenching, but also one of her standout collaborations. – Tina Xu, Web Manager

12 / 29

"Best Mistake" ft. Big Sean

Our Thoughts:

This may be my favorite Ariana Grande song to date. Not a huge Big Sean fan, but with the recent revealing of their relationship, the song takes on new meaning. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

11 / 29

"Side to Side" ft. Nicki Minaj

Our Thoughts:

"It’s always a winning situation whenever Ariana and Nicki link up, and this bouncy reggae-inspired groove is such a fun—dare I say—bop!" – Bianca Gracie, Associate Writer

10 / 29

"Bang Bang" with Jessie J & Nicki Minaj

Our Thoughts:

Definitely one of the biggest songs of summer 2014. I can't deny how catchy this song is, but it's still missing something for me. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

9 / 29

"Let Me Love You" ft. Lil Wayne

Our Thoughts:

"Ariana’s sexy, layered vocals over the pulsing minimal beat are already everything, then wayne’s verse fits perfectly. Ari and Weezy’s back-and-forth call and response at the end really seals the deal." – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

8 / 29

"E Più Ti Penso" with Andrea Bocelli

Our Thoughts:

"I'm a giant Ari fan and I have never heard this song. Should I have?" – Emilee Lindner, Senior Editor

"Emilee, you're missing out!! There are very few vocalists that can respectably sing next to the legendary Bocelli (his duets with Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and Nelly Furtado are divine) and Ari did her duet justice." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

7 / 29

"Adore" with Cashmere Cat

Our Thoughts:

"Definitely Ari's most experimental collaborations, 'Adore' is trippy electronic music where the singer brings a breathy vocal performance that works in an unexpectedly satisfying way." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

6 / 29

"Better Days" with Victoria Monet

Our Thoughts:

"A really smooth joint that, more importantly, reminds us to focus on staying positive in the wake of such terrible recent events."  – Tina Xu, Web Content Manager

5 / 29

"Love Me Harder" with The Weeknd

Our Thoughts:

Ari definitely could've handled this one by herself. The Weeknd almost feels like an after thought. Awesome song, but if we're ranking collaborations... – Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

4 / 29

"Break Your Heart Right Back" ft. Childish Gambino

Our Thoughts:

Similar to "The Way," this track features an instantly recognizable sample and a few bars from a fan favorite. Hey, if the formula works...! Childish Gambino's witty lines and the song's edgy, infectious beat are the true stars on this one. – Tina Xu, Web Manager

3 / 29

"The Way" ft. Mac Miller

Our Thoughts:

Don't think I've ever heard a bad sampling of "A Little Bit of Love." Mix in Mac Miller's raspy drawl that hits you at both the beginning and the bridge, and you essentially get the ideal Ariana Grande collaboration. – Tina Xu, Web Manager

This is the song that started it all. This is a nearly perfect pop song. Did we ever figure out why Ari and Mac were actually making out in the video? – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

2 / 29

"All My Love" with Major Lazer

Our Thoughts:

"This track is a tribal banger that's perfect at the gym, for sure, but there's something extremely gorgeous and melancholy about the track from its vocal performance and the production. It's almost like Ari is pulling a Katniss Everdeen and fighting for love while also fighting for her life. It's a breathtaking collaboration that really should have been pushed as a single." – Jeff Benjamin, Features Editor

1 / 29

"Problem" ft. Iggy Azalea

Our Thoughts:

If "The Way" was the near-perfect Ariana collabo to launch her career, "Problem" is definitely where she perfected her collabo game, and the song's incredible performance at radio and on the charts proves why. "Problem" is Ariana's most successful single to date for a reason. – Mark Sundstrom, Web Manager

I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen. I found a genre of music I loved in punk-rock and I spend most of my time listening to very loud music sung by angsty men and women in their mid to late 20s. Yet, "Problem" has invaded my personal stratosphere in a way that no pop single has in the last five years. The saxophone in the song is an incredible touch; Ariana's vocals are perhaps her best on any of her poppy songs, and Iggy's verse adds a lot without overshadowing. – Thomas Nassiff, Web Manager

After getting over Big Sean's super creepy whispering, I, along with the rest of the world, had the sax intro on repeat for weeks. The chorus is basic beyond belief, but that's precisely the song's charm. It's easy. It's Summer. – Tina Xu, Web Manager

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