August 14, 2014


17 Artists You Didn't Know Went EDM

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"EDM" (aka electronic dance music) is a tough genre to define these days. With its mainstream crossover in the late '00s, pop stars (from Britney Spears to Ariana Grande), R&B singers (Usher; Mary J. Blige) and rappers (like T.I. and Lil Wayne) have all embraced electronic elements to some extent, making the term "EDM" feel isolating and confusing when we're hearing its traits on every track and on the radio.

But in regards to a select group of artists who have seemingly steered clear of the EDM world, we're about to completely shift your paradigm. From pure R&B crooners to classic rock acts, here are the 17 artists you didn't realize went EDM, but did so—and with incredible results, nonetheless.

#1John Legend

John Legend scored a mega No. 1 hit this year with the ballad "All of Me" that featured just his voice and a piano—doesn't get more classic than that. But last summer, the R&B purist brought his crooning to surging dance track "Dance the Pain Away" with EDM veteran Benny Benassi. They even recorded a slick, black-and-white video for it.

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