August 4, 2014


18 Best Moments From Lollapalooza 2014

#1Childish Gambino

"It's raining out there, so we need to make this hotter than a motherf-cker," Childish Gambino shouted during his Lollapalooza 2014 set amid a torrential downpour. The rapper/actor appeared empathetic to his audience, running into the pit during the first song to greet the fans getting soaked in the front row.

Similar to an Australian performance from early last week, Glover brought a no-holds freestyle where he waxed on his rap abilities. He declared, "I'm the motherf-cking best right now," but left out last week's disses towards Drake, Kendrick Lamar or any other rappers.

As usual, Gambino's vocal mix of falsetto yips to blazing-fast raps were all delivered in a dramatic fervor. And in that passion, he almost wound up in just his underwear. The rapper had thrown off his blue Hawaiian shirt in the middle of the show, but his shorts almost fell to his ankles when he refused to pull them up mid-song, leaving only his yellow boxer-briefs to cover his behind—very 2013 Justin Bieber.

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