August 22, 2014


Check Out Chris Brown's Heartbreaking "X," The Title Track Off His New Album

Chris Brown is back, and he's sadder than ever. "X," a surprisingly sensitive number, is his latest single and the title track from his upcoming sixth full-length record. The song is a harrowing ballad, outlining the moment you realize you're in a toxic relationship—and you have to get out, fast. 

It begins slow, building a foundation on a simple beat and the singer's signature pipes. A minute or so in, it morphs into a club banger, reflecting Brown's empowering repetition of "I swear to God I'm moving on."

He sings “I know just who you are / You put me on layaway / You just like to heart shop" in the chorus, delivering lines that feel anguished and desperate one perfect, heart-wrenching note at a time.

Earlier this summer, Brown shared "New Flame," his collaboration with Usher and Rick Ross. Sensing a theme here? X is going to be saucy

Listen to "X" below!