August 20, 2014


The Complete Guide to Ariana Grande's 'My Everything'

Republic Records
Republic Records

The Buildup

Last fall, Ariana Grande revealed the details of her sophomore LP. "I don't want it to sound like an extension of Yours Truly," she explained. "I want it to sound like an evolution. I want to explore more sounds and experiment a little bit. I have a bunch of ideas I'm very excited about and a lot of stuff cooking." She added, "Mac Miller taught me how to work Pro Tools real quick. It was really fun. I love, love, love just being hands-on at all times in the studio." 

The Music

Baby Mariah Carey through a modern lens! Ari started off sweet and has been getting progressively sexier, something we're bound to see more of on My Everything.

In April of this year, the young starlet released "Problem," the saxophone-saturated summer smash hit and product of a newfound pop partnership with Iggy Azalea. Later came the mod-influenced music video, highlighting Grande's fascination with the classically beautiful.

The young singer showed her eclecticism when she joined forces with EDM guru Zedd on "Break Free," releasing a trippy Star Wars-themed video on August 11.

Early August brought about a snippet via Instagram of "Love Me Harder," Grande's collaboration with The Weeknd. It's classic R&B, and we're not complaining!

In mid-August Ariana started teasing her tracks "Break Your Heart Right Back" (which features Childish Gambino) and the title track "My Everything" via Instagram. Listen to two snippets of the former here and here. Check out the latter here and here!

On Tuesday, August 20 Ariana shared four tracks via MTV, some of which she teased earlier. Listen to "Love Me Harder," featuring the Weeknd, "Be My Baby," featuring Cashmere Cat, "A Little Bit Of Your Heart," (written by Harry Styles!) and "Why Try" below now!


Iggy Azalea: Azalea lays it down on "Problem," which you've definitely heard, unless you've been living under a rock (and a sound-proofed one at that). 

Zedd: You know the song. "Break Free" is Grande taking a dip into an EDM pool with the help of King Electronica himself, Zedd. Turns out the water is fine! And don't worry, she's just as upset about the grammatical incorrectness of the track as much as you are.

Big Sean: The rapper joins Ariana for "Best Mistake." Here's a teaser of the track.

Childish Gambino: The actor-turned-rapper makes an appearance on "Break Your Heart Right Back."

Cashmere Cat: In late July, a fan posted a YouTube clip of Grande performing "Be My Baby" live alongside Cat. The track would later make it onto the record.

The Weeknd: The Canadian musician lends a helping hand on the '90s R&B tinged "Love Me Harder." 

A$AP Ferg: Ferg slays a verse on the sexy "Hands on Me."

Harry Styles: Apparently the One Direction hottie wrote "A Little Bit Of Your Heart" for Grande. She famously said, "'It's a beautiful song. He's an amazing writer. It's really beautiful. He's amazingly talented.’'


1.  Intro

2.  Problem – (Feat. Iggy Azalea)

3.  One Last Time

4.  Why Try

5.  Break Free – (feat. Zedd)

6.  Best Mistake – (feat. Big Sean)

7.  Be My Baby – (feat. Cashmere Cat)

8.  Break Your Heart Right Back – (feat. Childish Gambino)

9.  Love Me Harder – (feat. The Weeknd)

10.  A Little Bit Of Your Heart

11.  Hands On Me – (feat. A$AP Ferg)

12.  My Everything

What to Expect

No Chris Brown, if that's what you were thinking. The two have delayed their collaboration following Brown's arrest.

Thematically, My Everything will showcase Grande at her strongest. When asked about what she's learned while setting out on this journey, she said that self-acceptance was the biggest takeaway from this process. "I feel like for the first time in my life, I'm really okay. I used to freak out about everything all the time. I used to be like, 'Oh my God, somebody said this!'" she told Seventeen Magazine. "Everything used to be such a big deal! But now, I feel I can handle everything what comes my way with a calm energy. It's tough to spend some of the most important years of your life in front of so many strangers who want to pick you apart. Insecurity has been the hardest thing I've had to overcome. I think everyone my age struggles with that because everyone strives for approval and wants to feel loved."

You tell 'em, girl!