August 18, 2014


Ed Sheeran Pulls A Boss Move and Taps Rick Ross for "Don't" Remix

Okay, so THIS is an Ed Sheeran rap production we can get behind. 

Though we appreciate the ginger's attempts at spoken word and rhyme, previous efforts on X were, well, fine. Just okay. This new treatment of "Don't" features Rick Ross is anything but, and it pits the awesome MC and the singer/songwriter up against the (famous, cough) girl who inspired the track with her cheating ways. This definitely goes down smoother than "Man," and it just gets us stoked for some of Sheeran's future collaborations, too.

The song's already got a killer music video to go with it, though we're secretly hoping a new visual comes out for this remix. We'd love to see what Sheeran and Ross come up with outside the studio! Listen to the "Don't" remix above, and keep your fingers crossed that Sheeran picked up some tips from the hip hop VIP while they were working on the track.