August 12, 2014


Hilary Duff Goes Folk-Pop on New Single "All About You"

Bands like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers have helped bring folk music to Top 40 radio, and now Hilary Duff is showcasing her own brand of folk-pop on new single "All About You."

Over banjo-plucking, guitar-strumming and very Lumineers-esque "Heys!," the singer/actress coos sensual lyrics: "You could my dirty secret / We could only be a rumor / You could meet me in the backseat / A ticket up in first class, mile high." The theme is reminiscent of Hil's sultry 2008 jam "Reach Out" (where she shouts, "All I want is to feel you!"), but this time delivered via this sunny, feel-good tune rather than the the gritty, Depeche Mode-sampling single. We might have a new summer romance anthem here, guys.

Despite the Duffster's positive pop gem "Chasing the Sun" dropping just last month, it looks like the former Disney diva is already moving on to the next. "Sun" debuted at a not-amazing-but-respectable No. 79 on the Billboard Hot 100, indicating there were a lot more people still out to hear the song. But with the folk-pop sound being sooo hot right now and Hilary eager to get new music out after her hiatus, "All About You" has loads of potential. We're not complaining about having two new Hilary songs on our iPod, either.

Listen to "All About You" above!