September 2, 2014


Exclusive: Hostage Calm Grow Up in Style with Poppy "Fallen Angel"

Shervin Lainez
Shervin Lainez

If you listened to Hostage Calm's melodic, hardcore-tinged 2007 debut, Lens, and then promptly dug yourself into a hole for seven years and just resurfaced today, you'd hardly believe the bouncy, hook-laden nature of what you're about to hear. Fuse is happy to present the exclusive premiere of their latest song, "Fallen Angel," which can be streamed below.

The Wallingford, CT-based quintet have gradually evolved their sound and with surefire consistency since they signed to Run For Cover Records four years ago. Their last (and most beloved) full-length release, 2012's Please Remain Calm, was their greatest step forward. Please Remain Calm blended punk, pop, social commentary (by focusing on "how it [felt] to be young in the American decline" during the recession). They never, ever got lost in their own ambition, and Hostage Calm delivered an Album of the Year contender in their corner of the scene.

Their highly anticipated follow-up, Die On Stage, is due out on September 16. "Fallen Angel" is its catchiest single.

Hostage Calm are exciting precisely because they staunchly refuse to conform to any trends occurring in the punk scene around them. They say what they feel needs to be said, and they say it loud and clear. Vocalist Chris "Cmar" Martin explained "Fallen Angel" and its lyrical content to us:

"The broken home, the broken school, the broken promise. The broken hearts. We are all broken. We have all fallen from grace. And amongst a world of false hope and glamour, amongst all the strident glory that was never ours, we do not lament. We live and we love, as only the damaged can."

You can pre-order Die On Stage here and follow Hostage Calm on Twitter here.