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15 Totally Bizarre One Direction Items You Can Purchase On Etsy

For when you just love a musician so much, you need an anime version of their face on a body pillow

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One Direction-Flavored Lip Gloss

KissMeLipGlosses on Etsy

Alright, ladies, let's have some real talk for a moment. Chances are you'll never actually get to kiss the boys in One Direction. (Boo!) Fret not, because we've found the next best thing: wear their taste on your lips. How the makers of this product know what the boys taste like is beyond us, so let's just hope they're not pulling from fan fact sites that list the heartthrobs' favorite foods. Liam, we know you love bacon and steak, but we are not down with walking around with meat lips. Nope.

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Giant Wall Posters

A1PosterArt on Etsy

While the photo above looks tasteful, imagine walking into a living room with a giant Zayn Malik looking down on you. Sounds like heaven BUT think of your friends that don't understand your One Direction obsession. They just wouldn't get it and it would probably make them uncomfortable. (If you prefer 1D to your buds, we say go for it! Actually... just go for it!)

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Strangely Sexually Dominating Pins

malibuquilts on Etsy

Express your adoration of the British babes with a slightly aggressive pin! This is probably confusing to those unfamiliar with the Directioner lifestyle but whatever. Go on with your bad self.

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Cartoon Throw Pillows

MarvelousKatastrophe on Etsy

Alright, alright. These are kind of adorable. Do they accurately portray the teen boy band sensation? Not so much. Express your fandom in a subtle way with these throw pillows.

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Custom Sneakers

normanfiveart on Etsy

These are also super adorable. Just when you think the days of drawing on your sneaks are over, out pops 1D! The cartoon kicks might not totally look like the English group, but they definitely capture their playful essence. 

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Scrabble Pendants

pixieglam on Etsy

DIY jewelry is almost always awesome, and this pendant no exception. If you play this bad boy in a game of scrabble, you should win. Automatically. No questions asked.

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Cake Toppers

NicolePeglerCakeArt on Etsy

We're sure these are used for birthday cakes, but they could also be used for wedding cakes (don't act like no one has done that) and that's a little bit weird. If these are edible, they're arguably the best invention in the world. If they're not, well, they'd also make for kickass action figures, right?

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Naked, Photoshopped iPhone Cases

DragonSashimi on Etsy

1.) This is obviously photoshopped. In no way are those the bodies of the 1D boys.

2.) The first point can be proven by a taking in a quick screening of This Is Us, the One Direction flick.

3.) Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to break this sucker out when, like, going through airport security or waiting in the dentist's office!

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Temporary Tattoos Stylized After the Boys' Own

FangirlTattoos on Etsy

You can't have Zayn, but you can have his... skin? Directioners love the bad boys' tattoos, so much so that they'd want a piece of it themselves without the commitment. Here you can look as dreamy as Zayn Malik for less than $15. Seems like a steal!

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Popcorn Snack Cups

Owlsayit on Etsy

If your local movie theater is the couch in your living room, celebrating 1D while snacking on grade-A cinema popcorn is probably the best thing in the world. Not sure how outside establishments would take to you bringing your own container (even if it's to see Where We Are in October), but we'd wager not well. Find the cups here.

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Nesting Dolls

VeleCruce on Etsy

Why is Louis the baby? Poor guy always gets the short end of the stick. The dimples drawn on Harry's doll are totally adorable. Hell, you could probably trick your mom into understanding your boy band obsession with these cute little guys.

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Cringeworthy Fan Art

abbeyartstudios on Etsy

Visual representations of One Direction are super common. Just take a quick peek at the always amazing @BadHarryArt twitter handle! Some are better than others. Check out the above image here.

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Hair Bows

CuteNCurlyBowtique on Etsy

You're basically an unofficial cheerleader for the band, right? Go the extra mile and wear your fandom in your hair. It's closer to your brain, anyway. Absorb it!

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Pillow Dolls

knucklehead8 on Etsy

This isn't a body pillow, so get that outta your head. (Thank God? Thank God!) Sometimes you wish you could have a cartoon version of Harry over to cuddle and while that's actually impossible, here's a solid alternative. Comes in all the other boys form, too.

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Tattoo Shirts

LivinLaffinLovinLife on Etsy

Again, the tattoos! They make you swoon and you love them dearly. While you wouldn't want to get them yourself—only one human should be allowed to have that butterfly tattoo, anyway—here's the next best thing. Somewhere, Mr. Styles is smiling. We can guarantee it.

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