August 26, 2014


Pianos Become the Teeth Unveil New Sound for Debut LP 'Keep You'

Micah E. Wood via Epitaph Records
Micah E. Wood via Epitaph Records

When a band that is celebrated for a certain style of music decides to do an about-face and completely reinvent itself, there is a simultaneous cause for concern and excitement amongst fans. Some of the greatest emo/indie-rock acts of all time (Brand New comes to mind) have never cared about the specific sound that brought them success in the past when writing new music, and the best results have led to truly legendary careers. 

We're not trying to peg Pianos Become The Teeth as a future legendary emo act, but it's exciting to see a band that has written two acclaimed screamo records (2010's Old Pride and 2011's The Lack Long After) decide to ditch that screaming in the name of reinvention. Coupled with the announcement of a third full-length, Keep You–their first for new label Epitaph Records–comes a new single, "Repine," which is notably performed with only clean vocals.

As Noisey writes in their reveal of the weighty, slow-creeping song, Keep You signals a new phase for the act that was tipped off by their song "Hiding" from a 2013 split with Touché Amoré. While it's difficult to say what effect this will have on the band moving forward, it further dubs Pianos a band fans simply have to be following.

Keep You will be out October 28 via Epitaph Records and Pianos Become The Teeth will be touring with Circa Survive and Title Fight this fall.