August 22, 2014


Sisqo and Waka Flocka Flame Team Up On "A-List"

Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Sisqo's officially back, and he's got Waka Flocka Flame in tow!

Living the high life is a commonplace theme in hip hop, and Sisqo and Waka Flocka are putting yet another spin on the classic trope with "A-List." Baller status, women, bottle service: it's all there line after line, and who better than the Dru Hill frontman and the Flockaveli rapper to riff about the finer things at the club?

The song is off Sisqo's forthcoming release, The Last Dragon, his first since 2001's Return of Dragon. Sounds like he's been having a great time in between records based on the lyrics of "A-List" alone, so stay tuned for more tracks (and more cameos, we'd bet) to drop in the coming months.

(Who knows? Maybe we've got another Sisqo summer anthem on our hands, the season isn't over yet!)

Listen to "A-List" below. (And yes, we know at the mere mention of Sisqo's name there's no way you're getting "The Thong Song" out of your head anytime soon.)