August 12, 2014


Check Out "2 On" Singer Tinashe's Track with DJ Mustard, "Tinashe Checks In"

Gomillion & Leupold
Gomillion & Leupold

On August 11, DJ Mustard shared 10 Summershis debut full-length for free through Google Play. While the entire record is one enthusiastically filed under the "rap" genre tab, there's one interlude that stands out: "2 On" up-and-coming singer Tinashe's simply titled R&B groove "Tinashe Checks In." 

While the song on the surface sounds super sensual, the lyrical content is dismissive and critical. Tinashe repeats "You let these other bitches have it," in the chorus, letting a former lover know that he's done her wrong.

Listen to the track below!