August 22, 2014


Belinda, Vein & J Balvin Craft Spanglish Hookup Anthem "Translation"

Doing our best to flirt with someone who doesn't speak your language? We've all been there! Yeah, they're really cute, but there's that darn language divide! Luckily, a trio of Latin pop stars are here with some tips. Mexican pop princess Belinda, Pitbull/Enrique Iglesias producer Vein and reggaeton rapper J Balvin have crafted "Translation" as an anthem for international hookups everywhere.

In the Spanglish club banger, Vein croons, "Can't understand a word you're saying, but I like it" while Belinda coos back to him in Spanish over a piccolo-infused dance beat. Moving onto the chorus, the producer asks the pop star, "How do you say I like you?" and "How do you say I need you?" and the 25-year-old stunner responds ("Me gustas" and "Te necesito") before Vein gets bold and asks, "How do you say I wanna f-ck ya?!"

And if the tropical "Translation" video is any indication, that's not the question to ask. Belinda walks away from her dude, leaving the foul-mouthed producer alone at the club. Zing!

J Balvin, who collaborated with Robin Thicke on a Latin version of "Blurred Lines," drops in for a Spanglish rap, calling out dudes who can't pick up on signs when a girl's just not that into you ("Pero como tu no entiende nada? [But you don't understand anything?] / You're f-cking stupid, man!").

Whether or not you use it in the club, "Translation" is a fun, tongue-in-cheek track that has a beat and a theme that appeals to both English and Spanish speakers. It certainly sounds like it could land the Latin stars a crossover hit!