August 21, 2014


Did Cheerios Leak Usher's New Album Title?

UPDATE (8/21): Cheerios removed their original commercial that mentioned Usher's new album was titled UR, but you can see a screenshot of the original above. A new version of the ad was uploaded to the cereal's YouTube page (below), curiously barring any album mention. According to an Usher rep, the album title is not yet confirmed.

Original Story (8/20): Today in unexpected product endorsementsUsher has brought his slick moves to a new Honey Nut Cheerios commercial. At first you think, "Cute! Usher dancing with that adorable bee!" But after another glance you may notice the cereal could have announced Usher's new album title before Usher did.

Uploaded to Cheerio's YouTube channel today, the promo slot shows the R&B-pop star dancing to his new Nicki Minaj collaboration "She Came to Give It to You." The commercial adds that the Ush track is "from the album 'UR'" which is news to the world. We're wondering if it was intentional to announce the title through the commercial or a leak on the cereal's end.

If it was intended to be confirmed through the nutty brand, it's probably one of the more bizarre-but-truly-original album title announcements we've seen recently. It can't really compare to Taylor Swift announcing her 1989 title via a worldwide livestream surrounded by her biggest fans, but we give Ush points for originality.

UR, if that's its title, will be the singer's eighth LP. "She Came to Give It to You" has been preceded by the drum machine-heavy "Good Kisser" and Juicy J collabo "I Don't Mind."