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13 Super Quirky 5 Seconds of Summer Merch Items You Can Buy On Etsy

Band stuff can be weird. Fan-made band stuff is even weirder. Check out some of the most bonkers 5SOS swag you can pick up online!

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"lol ur not" Shirts

CleanClothing on Etsy

These shirts are common in all boy band fandom, but this 5SOS shirt is especially bananas. Not only are you not too-adorable-for-words Luke Hemmings, you should also probably not talk/walk/look/breathe around the tween rockin' this aggro tee.

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Stressed / Depressed / Obsessed Memorabilia

OkaseStore on Etsy

There's a slogan the internet likes to throw around: Stressed, depressed, boy band obsessed. While this doesn't quite work for 5SOSheeeeelloooo, they're a rock band—their fans have found a way to make the phrase stick. It totally works!

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Selfie Pillow

kapowkembahnew on Etsy

This is a zippered pillow made from a selfie drummer Ashton Irwin took one time. This is the end of the internet.

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Dead Cartoon 5SOS Guitar Picks

kissinglucas on Etsy

Cartoonish renditions of 5 Seconds of Summer are easy to find online, but cute, dead versions of the boys are especially noteworthy. Here the gang are shrunken into cute guitar pick necklace pendants. If you don't wear all four at once they might be hard to identify but then again—you're the only one who has to know, right?

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Cosmetic Bag

CosmeticBags on Etsy

You look so perfect standing there in your American Apparel... makeup? You're beautiful, and 5 Seconds of Summer are beautiful, so why not have their logo on your cosmetic bag? Or something?

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Pillow Dolls

knucklehead8 on Etsy

Someone alert One Direction5SOS fans are making the same kind of pillow dolls Directioners have taken a liking to, and truly, it was only a matter of time. Here you can buy the boys in the form of the creepiest throw pillow possibly ever. 

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Massive Wall Art

EggHeadGifts on Etsy

A small step short of a tattoo, this massive wall installation will have no one second-guessing your love of 5SOS. It'll probably take up the majority of your bedroom/living room wall space, so make sure you're really willing to commit with this one.

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Bootleg Capri Pants

TradeAnka on Etsy

Now you can rep your favorite band at the gym! Or, you know, wherever else capri sweatpants are deemed appropriate. (We wager that doesn't lead to very many places.) These pants are kind of way too endearing to ignore, so we'll let it slide.

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"Idiot" Merch

OkaseStore on Etsy

Once-underdog-now-sort-of-heartthrob guitarist Michael Clifford is known for his bad boy aesthetic, and one of his trademarks is writing "IDIOT" on all of his clothing. Now you can, too! This is probably an homage to Green Day's American Idiot, the album and the song (which the boys have been known to cover!)

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Super Buff Photo Pendants

Naturaldiy on Etsy

Again with the cartoons! This time the boys are depicted as being waaaaaaay more buff than they actually are which, when you really think about it, is just kind of freaky. They're already perfect. Duh. Beyond perfect, in fact. It should be illegal to be as perfect as they are... you get it.

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Raven Wing iPhone Cases

DiyStories on Etsy

We were wrong. Apparently the only thing that could make 5SOS more perfect is to throw raven wings on them. While this might be something out of a Twilight fantasy (or fanfic, anyone?), we think it deserves points for creativity. 

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Body Pillows

briannaostrowski on Etsy

You'll probably never get to touch 5 Seconds of Summer. Sorry. A giant body pillow to hug and adore is about as close as you get and hell, that's alright. The best part? Michael Clifford actually approves of these guys. 

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"I Do What I Want I'm Punk Rock" iPhone Case

Emerishop on Etsy

Like any rabid fandom, kids like to sport their intimate knowledge of a group on their sleeve. One favorite 5SOS inside joke of late is Michael Clifford's internet-famous quote "I do what. I want I'm punk rock." Champion the best and confuse the rest with this peculiar iPhone case.

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