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The 11 Best New Pop-Punk Songs We Heard This Month

We get it: There's so much music out there, it's impossible to listen to it all. So the Fuse staff compiled this list of the best pop-punk tracks released in September

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Have Mercy, "Spacecrafts"

Have Mercy’s 2013 debut, The Earth Pushed Back, made our best albums of 2013 list—and while preparing my review for it, I wrote: "If I were to instruct any stranger to listen to only one album that came out in 2013, this would, without a doubt, be that album." The Baltimore quartet’s sophomore effort is called A Place Of Our Own. It’s easily one of the most anticipated follow-ups in the indie/punk community this year, and "Spacecrafts" is a great teaser for it. Have Mercy are simply a better band now than they were last year. They also have the advantage of taking their time with these songs, as opposed to their mad rush to record The Earth Pushed Back. (Having the iconic Paul Leavitt behind the boards is also a plus.) The result is an improved brand of the loud-quiet-loud-very-quiet-very-loud sound and a flat-out jaw-dropping record. You should be looking forward to it. -Thomas Nassiff, Web Content Manager

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Gerard Way, "Millions"

When My Chemical Romance called it quits in spring 2013, everyone assumed the worst. The boys in the band hated each other, someone had a substance abuse problem, they'd never make music again. Frontman and emo icon Gerard Way wouldn't let that happen, of course. The kind-eyed crooner was always writing, eventually announcing the solo album Hesitant Alien. One of the best songs on the record is "Millions," the unabashedly '90s guitar power pop anthem. The track has Way at his most Pulp, giving a hat tip to the band's frontman Jarvis Cocker with the subtly suggestive line, “It was really me / It was really you / There was really / Nothing I could do." -Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

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5 Seconds of Summer, "Daylight"

Even though 5SOS dropped their debut album back in July, it hasn't stopped a steady stream of new music from coming out. This month we got "Daylight," included on their "Amnesia" single EP. A nice accompaniment to the heartwrenching single, "Daylight" boasts lovelorn lyrics about confusing adolescent love: "Before we started it was over / I feel our bodies getting colder / She gives me / A feeling that I can't find." We've all been there, guys. -Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

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Hostage Calm, "A Thousand MIles Away From Here"

Some of the best pop-punk bands were birthed from or exist in harmony with hardcore, the rock world's angry older brother. Hostage Calm know this well, writing songs that are heavier than, say, The Madden Brothers, but rely heavily on pop song construction. They're helping lead a new generation of pop-punk bands informed by both Blink-182 and Fugazi, and we can't wait for the revolution. -Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

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New Found Glory, "Stories of a Different Kind"

New Found Glory are new-school pop-punk's most consistent veterans by now, and this track, as guitarist Chad Gilbert told Alternative Press, is all about the difference between them and a lot of newer bands nowadays. He said too many new bands are in this scene for making money and bragging about how many kids come out to their shows, and not simply for the fun of it all. In the chorus (which is catchy as all heck), frontman Jordan Pundik sings, "Stories of a different kind / You do it for money while I do it for a good time," backing up Gilbert’s point clearly. "No matter how popular we ever were," Gilbert said, "the focus was always to be sincere and write music from the heart, and be grateful for the career you were given.” Well put, NFG! -Thomas Nassiff, Web Content Manager

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Dads, "Chewing Ghosts"

The most terrible-yet-somehow-great lyric of 2014 goes to Dads with the line, "We could be drunk together / We could be punk together," in the middle of their single, "Chewing Ghosts." What kind of lovelorn line is that? While the band probably veers more into emo than the other acts on this list, their math-y guitar riffs are catchy as the form can be: Something tells me that if you grew up with Brand New, you're going to be hitting repeat a bunch on this one. -Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

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The Madden Brothers, "Dear Jane"

Believe it: Benji and Joel Madden are still making music, but now as a duo. And it's really effin' addicting. The Good Charlotte bros dropped their first album, Greetings From California, to little fanfare in America, but the set hit No. 1 in Australia. Longtime collaborator Eric Valentine (who worked GC's The Young and the Hopeless and The Chronicles of Life and Death) produced the second single "Dear Jane," which comes with the guys' signature soaring choruses mixed with a groovin' bass and folky whistles. I'm digging the experimentation. -Jeff Benjamin, Staff Writer

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Beach Slang, "Dirty Cigarettes"

Here’s the thing about the Philadelphia punk-rock underground: It's having a moment right now. Philly has become an epicenter of output in pop-punk/punk/emo over the past year or so, becoming the most important city for the scene in the historically very-important region of the Northeast. Beach Slang are a new act, with only their second EP Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street due out October 28 via Tiny Engines. But the cool thing about them being new is that I can say they don’t have any bad songs yet. "Dirty Cigarettes" will appeal to punk listeners who enjoy gruff vocals, anthemic rock songs and are perhaps pining for the days of The Gaslight Anthem’s earlier albums. -Thomas Nassiff, Web Content Manager

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Yellowcard, "Transmission Home"

Before launching into their best known hit, "Ocean Avenue" at Warped Tour in Ventura, California this year, frontman Ryan Key joked to the crowd, "This is the point in the evening where you think 'Oh, I think I remember this band.'" His self-deprecation, however charming, wasn't warranted. The band has consistently put out killer arena-rock-ready albums, this month with the single "Transmission Home." The chorus begs, "I will send a transmission home / To say I should have called in so long ago / And I wanna come down." It's sad, but it feels good. What's more pop-punk than that? -Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

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Such Gold, "Faced"

One of the more technically proficient punk acts around right now, Such Gold do a great job of borrowing a page from A Wilhelm Scream's book with their guitar work. The vocals aren't very similar to AWS at all, but it's breakneck-speed punk rock, and a new Such Gold album is great news for fans who have been not-so-patiently waiting for new tuneage since 2012’s Misadventures came out. -Thomas Nassiff, Web Content Manager

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American Hi-Fi, "Portland"

They might think they're just the flavor of the weak, but the Boston pop-punk group American Hi-Fi are anything but. "Portland," one of the tracks from the band's latest album, Blood & Lemonade, is a tad more morose than their early-aughts stuff. I guess this is growing up? It asks more adult questions, too, "Where are you running to?" and "It's hard to get close to you / God knows I've tried.” Pop-punk might never die but it definitely graduates high school. -Maria Sherman, Staff Writer

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