September 30, 2014


The 11 Best New Pop-Punk Songs We Heard This Month

#1Have Mercy, "Spacecrafts"

Have Mercy’s 2013 debut, The Earth Pushed Back, made our best albums of 2013 list—and while preparing my review for it, I wrote: "If I were to instruct any stranger to listen to only one album that came out in 2013, this would, without a doubt, be that album." The Baltimore quartet’s sophomore effort is called A Place Of Our Own. It’s easily one of the most anticipated follow-ups in the indie/punk community this year, and "Spacecrafts" is a great teaser for it. Have Mercy are simply a better band now than they were last year. They also have the advantage of taking their time with these songs, as opposed to their mad rush to record The Earth Pushed Back. (Having the iconic Paul Leavitt behind the boards is also a plus.) The result is an improved brand of the loud-quiet-loud-very-quiet-very-loud sound and a flat-out jaw-dropping record. You should be looking forward to it. -Thomas Nassiff, Web Content Manager

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